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Arlington Virginia Computer Repair is now Envescent IT & Data Recovery

We started our journey in repairing computers professionally back in March of 1999 and in that time we have served over 17,000 clients in varying capacities — from helping with repairing and upgrading computer hardware, to recovering data and helping businesses with their information technology. Since our humble beginnings we’ve grown and the technology industry […]

Information technology support tips for small business

Small businesses rely on information technology to improve productivity, share information and reduce the time it takes to communicate. Despite how important information technology is to their success many small businesses don’t tend to manage it well.  For the most part this has to do with the depth of expertise and investment of time that […]

Data recovery: Hard drives with bad sectors and media errors

 Data recovery technicians are no stranger to hard drives with bad sectors.  In fact it’s one of the more common forms of hard drive damage that we see from consumer storage devices.  So what  exactly are bad sectors or media errors and how do they effect a hard drive? What is a hard drive sector? […]

Computers for back to school: Repair or replace?

Students all over the United States are heading back to school.  One question about their computer lingers in their minds and the minds of their parents.  Should we repair it or replace it?  In this article we’ll go through several criteria to decide whether or not the system may be worth repairing or if it is […]

Data recovery in Arlington, Virginia just became affordable

It’s a situation everyone faces at least once. Your storage device, whether it’s an external hard drive, desktop, laptop or USB flash drive, stops working unexpectedly.  Or maybe files were accidentally deleted.  Either way those ones and zeroes that make up your critical information are now in jeopardy. But there is good news.  If you […]

The Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability and what it means for your security

The Internet is buzzing about one of the most widespread vulnerabilities seen in ages. The bug is called “Heartbleed” and it directly impacts all servers, network appliances and other devices that use OpenSSL 1.0.1 branch are vulnerable up to version 1.0.1g.  When exploited, Heartbleed allows attackers to read server memory in 64K chunks.  This can […]

The impossibility of avoiding malware reactively

What if every day a new threat was on the horizon?  It would be seemingly overwhelming!  But what if every day tens of thousands of new threats were appearing, and the majority have yet to be identified?  Scary as that may seem we must face reality and realize that is the world we live in. […]