Consumer Alert: The USB Killer

I’ve reported on some disturbing consumer trends, from sextortion to government hacking. Well, the disturbance keeps on coming. This is a consumer alert: the USB Killer is coming to a computer near you.

This isn’t a movie plot or a sci-fi novel. There really is a device called the USB Killer. It made news last year. Now, there’s an even stronger version floating out there. It sends 220 volts through a computer, whether it be a desktop, laptop or tablet. That much voltage kills a computer within a few minutes. According to it’s own creators, the USB Killer can destroy 95% of all computers. This includes Macs and other Apple based computers. Promoters say this killer device is for surge protection. But it could be used for more sinister purposes. There are things that equally add to the disturbance. One USB Killer promoter is rumored to by Dark Purple. He’s allegedly one of the most notorious hackers in Russia. We don’t really know the company behind this killer device. Tech media company Mashable contacted the mysterious makers. They’re based in Hong Kong. That’s all they were able to find out. The USB Killer will cost only $55.

The USB Killer’s creators are unknown. The USB Killer’s promoters could be Russian hackers. And it only cost $55 to destroy a computer. Yes, it could be used for surge protection. Let’s say you want to wipe out your own computer. To ensure nobody interferes with the data, and to ensure your privacy isn’t blasted on social media, you could use the USB Killer for good. But that’s the best case scenario. What’s the worst? A competitor, or even a disgruntal colleague or former employee, could wipe out important machines. This could sabotage or even destroy a business. A hacker could wipe out a computer, for money or for spite. Whole government agencies can wipe out critical classified information. What if Russian, Chinese, or Iranian spies go to Washington and use the USB Killer to wipe out critical military, security, or economic information? These are just a few of the malicious way this thing could be abused. Is the USB Killer a good idea or a weapon of destruction waiting to happen?

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