Getting Creative Technology in the Classroom



Getting Creative: Technology in the Classroom


Getting Creative: Technology in the Classroom


From chalkboards to whiteboards, from writing slates to laptops, new technology eventually finds its way into the classroom. Modern innovations in video sharing, portable computing and social media are no exceptions. Across the country, teachers are finding new ways to incorporate technology into their lessons, giving students tools that match the era in which they’re learning. Here’s a small sample of the great things teachers have been doing with modern tech!


Tablets as Learning Devices


Tablets aren’t just for browsing the internet anymore. Now, teachers can use tablets like Apple’s iPad as versatile, expansive tools to connect students to the information they need. With each desk outfitted with a tablet, students have access to an incredibly wide range of books, allowing teachers to supply information at a fraction of the cost of expensive textbooks. Plus, tablets can connect students to lectures, tutorials and more. Teachers can also download helpful tools like calculators and photo editing software, or supply students with apps that aid in teaching specific subjects, like the layout of the solar system or the human body. Tablets are dynamic, versatile modern textbooks, usable for anything a teacher needs.


The Flipped Classroom


Most classrooms follow a very logical, traditional structure: Students listen to a teacher lecturing, do a few in-class projects, go home, and complete some kind of homework assignment. The next day, they return, turn the homework in, and repeat the process. However, some teachers have noticed that the help they provided to students during the in-class projects proves to be more valuable than the lecture itself. The “Flipped Classroom” is the answer to this. Here, teachers reverse the process: Instead of lecturing during school, teachers record their lectures and upload them to a public viewing site like YouTube. Students then watch the lecture on their own time. Once they return to class, their “homework” is done with the teacher present, allowing students to get the help they need, right when they need it. It’s an elegant solution to the problem, and it’s made possible by technology.


Twitter Updates


When most people think of Twitter, they think of a short-form social network used to share fast messages with friends and contacts. Teachers, however, have a different use: Updates. Teachers are using Twitter as a fast, convenient way to push updates on homework, the next day’s assignments and more to a place where students can quickly read them. Plus, Twitter’s public nature means that students can read the updates, even if they don’t have an account of their own.


As technology evolves, teachers around the world find their approaches evolving as well. Tablets, phones and computers keep students in the know, and when they start to show wear, you can count on us to get them ready for the classroom again. For computer repair services in Raleigh, we’re the only name you need. Contact us–we’re happy to help you!