3 Things Your IT Guy Wishes You Knew



3 Things Your IT Guy Wishes You Knew



3 Things Your IT Guy Wishes You Knew


If you work for or around any decently-sized company, there’s a good chance you’ve got an information technology department–an IT department. Working IT is no simple job. It’s up to the IT team to keep a computer network running smoothly, making sure its users don’t experience any issues that hinder their workflow. It’s a taxing job, but you can help make it easier. Here are 3 tiny things your IT team probably wishes you’d take to heart in order to make their lives easier.


Ask Before You Install


Removing malware and bloatware from work computers is a chore for any IT department, and the number one way this kind of program gets on your computer is through overzealous downloading. Many users are in a rush to download helpful or interesting tools for daily use, but when downloaded from a dangerous source, seemingly harmless programs may come with excessive bloatware, advertising and other add-ons. Even worse, these programs can contain malicious programs that can cause untold damage to the system. Instead of simply downloading any program at any time, ask your IT team about the program’s safety. They’ll be able to help you install it cleanly, without any nasty extras.


Be Honest with Us


Remember, your IT department genuinely wants to help you fix your problem. To do so, they’ll often act like detectives, taking the information and evidence they’ve collected to figure the problem out and take care of it as soon as possible. Doing this requires one very important component: Your honesty. Sometimes, in an effort to make themselves look a bit better, users may be tempted to lie about what they were doing (or not doing.) This only slows the process down and wastes the IT department’s time–which is the worst thing you can do if you’re trying to help them out.


Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?


It’s a phrase that’s become a running joke, with variations emblazoned on t-shirts, used in sitcoms, and found on all sorts of collectible merchandise. Trust us: It’s everywhere because it works. Though it may seem strange, you’ll find that many issues you’re having can be solved simply by rebooting your system entirely. Do this before you call or email the IT department, and you’ll find yourself fixing many issues on your own!


When you find yourself in need of computer repair in Wake Forest, if you haven’t got access to your IT team, feel free to contact us for help. We have the expertise you need to help fix your problem–and we won’t cause any headaches for your IT guys!